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Free International Conversations

Dingaling is a new service that provides free local and international dialed calls to traditional phones and smartphones. Call, message, send stickers, exchange files and more, all 100% free!

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When we say "free" we mean FREE. Seriously, we don't charge you for calls. (If you could see the cars we drive you'd have no trouble believing us!)
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Phone Any Number!

Phone regardless of whether or not the other person has the Dingaling app. Want to call a friend living abroad? Dial away! Travelling and want to make dinner reservations? Phone free! Grandma can't figure out how to talk on video chat? Call her house phone!

We take no responsibility for late-night calls made to your ex.
(We only supply the free calls, you choose how to use them!)
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High-Quality Calls

Tired of poor-quality calling apps? So are we. That's why we made Dingaling, because sometimes you actually want to hear the person you're talking to! With Dingaling you can phone-free in high-quality to traditional telephone numbers and Dingaling app users. Don’t let bad call quality get in the way of good conversation!

No, we cannot make the call quality worse when your mother-in-law phones.
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Message your friends from all over the world! Make plans, exchange news, share secrets, gossip about your neighbours, complain about your job, and keep in-touch regardless of the distance!

Remember, if you send 20 messages for every 1 you get in response,
you've officially become a stalker.
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...and Media Sharing!

Send photos, videos, emoticons, stickers, and your location to anyone you desire! Send all of your friends pictures of your lunch, exchange funny videos, spam your family with our many stickers and emoticons, or meet-up with ease by sharing your location.

Please stop sending us cat videos.
(We love them too, but we can find them on our own time!)

Our Vision: Free Worldwide Communication

We currently offer free international calling to over 2.5 billion people worldwide and free worldwide messaging to everyone with an iOS or Android device. We are expanding everyday, and constantly opening new free-call regions. If your area hasn't been opened to free calling yet, check back often because it might be next.

With Dingaling you're free to call!

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When we say "your area might be next", we're assuming you don't live in Antarctica, North Korea, or on the Moon.